Download The A-Maze-ing Retro PowerPoint Game!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

We've traveled back to the early 80's and returned with an arcade classic - no, it's not Ms Pac-Man - it's way better than that.

Yes it is of course, the A-Maze-ing PowerPoint Maze Game! An instant classic which is as catchy as it's name suggests.

Bring on weeks/months of being isolated at home - the time will simply fly by with this awesome game. Emerge from social isolation in late October with a sense of pride and accomplishment at having navigated your way around a flashing PowerPoint maze.

Made entirely in PowerPoint, no installation is needed. Simply download the file and open - because it is a .PPSX file it will open automatically in game-mode, ready for you to play your heart out.

With 5 levels of increasing difficulty - you are tasked with navigating the terrifying maze of death. It's mind numbing colourful appearance hides a deadly secret - touch the edges and it's game over!

Upon opening the game, you will be transported to the London Agile Arcade - home of the A-Maze-ing PowerPoint Maze Game. Simply put a coin in the slot and enjoy!

Download here (it's free!)

Watch the launch video below!

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