How to Use Icons in PowerPoint......Properly

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I have found the secret to communicating successfully via PowerPoint: Icons! No more death by PowerPoint!

Icons are small simple images which represent the point you are trying to make. They rely on the science of iconography to work - the fact that our brains sub-consciously associate certain images with certain concepts.

For example - if something is important or critical, an icon of an exclamation mark helps the audience understand this.

If your point would help drive improvements on the project, an upward arrow will sub-consciously influence the reader to agree.

However if you simply need to use more attractive ways to present a slide of text, a handful of relevant icons will do the job.

It takes less than a minute to find an appropriate icon and tailor it to your deck. In the video below I will show you how you can do this, and introduce you to an extremely comprehensive icon library website.

If something takes a minute but helps you influence your client - it's worth doing.

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