What are the top 3 PowerPoint Template websites?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I've spent a lot of my time in the last few years scouring PowerPoint template websites to save a bit of time, but mostly, for inspiration. These are the decks whose slide styles I've been emulating for years now and it has served me well!

If you want to very quickly uplift the look and feel of a deck - and aren't confident in your creative or PowerPoint skills, then templates are a genuinely useful option.


I read somewhere that Template Monster is the largest PowerPoint market on the internet. I'm not so sure I believe that, but it does have a very impressive selection of digital assets.

The interface is markedly different to Creative and Envato, and I personally prefer it.

Individual decks cost anywhere from $17 to $23 which is about market rate. The "ONE" membership is $200 a year - which seems steep - but gives you access to everything on the site for free. If you're a consultant or designer this would make great sense - download everything you possibly can and re-use it for years.

Template Monster has no checks for new sellers. Great if you're just starting out selling templates, bad if you're a buyer wanting to guarantee the product you're buying is the best of the best...

There's a small amount of quality assurance for each product uploaded, but you can tell quickly from some uploads that this is barely worth mentioning. Spelling mistakes and shoddy quality is evident in the main marketing images, let alone the decks themselves... This can mean you need to sift through a lot more low quality options to find the one you want - but I guess it does help the high quality ones stand out more.

My experience of support from Template Monster has been pretty poor. I'm 99% sure the instant chat feature is a robot. Doesn't matter what you ask them, the answer is "buy more templates". Support from sellers is great - in order to upload a product they must create guidance documents and offer 121 support to buyers. Response time is advertised at less than 24 hours for almost all products.

My fave 3 decks on the site:

Multipurpose Business Infographic

Doesn't have the sales it deserves - but visually its delightful. The dark and light contrast on each slide with the bold colourful infograhics overlayed is a style I've been emulating since discovering this deck.

Business Infographic

Another one with a catchy name, but its got some good diagrams and infographics that you won't find elsewhere and it's a super super clean design.

London 2020 Project Deck

I have shared this a few times recently and I love it. Whilst most online templates tell you theres "30,000 slides!" the reality is you only get about 150 genuinely different ones. This deck contains 450 and they're all very different from one another. It also includes 160 colour schemes which is the most I've ever seen. It's London themed so the images are all pretty much Big Ben - you can replace those if you want but it's on trend so works as-is.


Envato is a huge enterprise with a horribly complicated structure. Envato Market is a sub-division of Envato which is itself an amalgamation of 7 seperate market places. This creates a confusing user experience, for example, you won't find any PowerPoint templates in the "Templates" area, you have to go down a few levels within the "Graphics" area.

There are relatively stringent controls in place for new market entrants and so you can shop with a little more confidence that the product you end up with is going to be decent. There were over 9,000 PowerPoint templates available the last time I looked which is excellent. Although many decks comprise only 20-30 slides.

Decks range from $9 to around $20 averaging at around $15. Sounds cheaper than other options but Envato add an extra $2 charge on at checkout as "service charge" which is ridiculous. The commercial license fees are extortionate at around 10x the individual licence cost (industry average is 5-7x).

Support from Envato is adequate but support from sellers is poor. There are very few rules on what support must be offered. Many decks do not come with guidance documents and sellers are not obligated to support the product once sold.

Best feature - on the page of each deck you can click the "Screenshots" button to see full screen versions of every slide. Makes copying them a whole lot easier if you don't want to purchase!

My fave 3 decks on the site:


Probably the best selling template deck ever and fair enough. It pretty much defined the clean modern style most decks emulate these days. It's been around years and starting to look a little dated now but it deserves it's mention. Don't be bamboozled by the claim of 40,000 slides - there are only 606 unique designs.

You're just also lumbered with several Gigabytes of duplicates in different colour formats and aspect ratios. Very few decks offer A4 size, and fewer still offer 16:10 aspect ratio - so if thats what you need, then this is the best option.

Doodle Animations

Including this here because it's different to most templates available. The hand drawn style is a big trend and this is the best selection of infographics and slides I've seen which do it well. Only 30 unique slides, but quality is excellent, and all are animated.


Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you create marketing images for your PowerPoint templates! The animated Gifs are excellent, every slide is displayed, and the deck is gorgeous. I'm particularly a fan of the parallax slides and the brush stroke/photo mask image placeholders. Those are insanely difficult to make yourself and this deck has dozens of them included. Worth the money for those alone.


A very similar marketplace to Envato - but with a clearer and more easily navigable interface. Creative Market has a similar name, similar logo, and similar scope of products available - but it does have a very handy "certified" feature to help flag up decks that have been passed pretty strict quality assurance reviews.

Entrance to sellers is restricted and they must provide evidence they are already an established seller within the industry. This helps to ween out the con-men and maintain a good standard of product.

Prices for decks varies more widely here than on any other site - prices start at $2 and go all the way up to $200! Some of the most popular decks cost around $30 and I personally feel they're over-priced compared to Template Monster and Envato.

Commercial license costs however are a bargain and usually only increase the cost by $50-$10. Purchasing this allows you to use the slides in marketing, sales material or to flat out re-sell them up to 5000 times.

There seems to be a trend on Creative Market for sellers to consolidate a handful of other decks they are selling (usually crappy ones) and then re-market it at something ridiculous like "300 decks in 1!" This is a marketing ploy that buyers should be aware of - unless of course you're shopping for infographic slides but also desperately want that deck to contain maps of Burkina Faso and watercolour brush strokes (or whatever).

My fave 3 decks on the site

Infographics Bundle

One of those decks guilty of silly marketing ploys (i.e. "Today only $34") but it has a very strong range of infograhics and updates are consistently monthly. Buy the deck and you receive the updates for free for life. An expensive purchase, and the infographics are not particularly sophisticated, but it's a very successful deck.


A very distinctive deck visually. There are very few templates of this style available and so I would like to call this one out here for attention. This wouldn't suit all applications, but I have used this style for work with a famous UK fashion brand and it was very well received. Worth checking out the images to get a feel for a completely different, and striking visual style.

Clean Six

Putting this up here because the value for money is unbeatable. It's only $2 for the deck! I know it's not huge and doesn't contain loads of flashy infographics - but it's got 20 image-placeholder-and-text style slides which have the broadest scope of applications of any slide style. How many of your slides are a picture and some text? Well for $2 you can make them look a thousand times better!